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Josue Pena went from aspiring professional athlete to viral entrepreneur in what would seem like the blink of an eye. A hard-working international businessman, it took him years to build his social empire. Social media and fast paced smart technology have broken down the barriers that once hindered entrepreneurial talents from sharing their messages with the world. “Scaling” a business has become the “buzz-term” in our modern era of digitization and commerce. But what happens when a business grows from $0 to $60,000 recurring revenue per month in just seven months? What happens to the business owner who goes from $0 to$2Million annual revenue in just two years? The growth can be blissful but almost equally as intimidating for the individual who does not know the other side of that success. “To whom much is given, much is required,” is an old proverb that we understand well at Oliver Kenneth & Co. Mr. Josue Pena understood that proverb as well, which is why he hired us to really plan for his breakout success.


  • Bookkeeping: With dozens of companies under management, bookkeeping is essential to tracking professional fees, profit sharing and profitability of Josue’s business portfolio.
  • Finance Management: Josue can now leverage the businesses within his portfolio to have better access to capital at the management organization level, without being over-leveraged by the number of client-partners he must grow sustainably.
  • Entity Management: We amended the existing entities and formed new entities for Josue and his partners to create distinction between revenue, operating capital, intellectual property, and tax responsibility between partners.
  • Tax Planning &Strategy: An aggressive approach to better plan for the multiple companies under management of his consulting agency.


Josue Pena re-structured his companies to be able to partner with another widely recognizable online entrepreneur, Anthony Powell, and separate their revenue verticals from intellectual property and profit-sharing partnerships. They now manage a technology company, a management consulting company, and a licensed online service company.


  • Tax elections to save on income tax liability
  • Entity Amendments for better alignment and partnership structures
  • Increased financial leverage for subsidiaries
  • Bookkeeping to show monthly and quarterly expense reports and growth

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