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Tax planning for a hollywood film producer

We transitioned from a self-employed contracted professional in the film industry to a structured talent management agency that collaborates with production companies, funds and investors alike.

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Case study


Adhrucia Apana, Founder and Principal of Curiosity Entertainment, LLC, embodies what the world sees as a powerful, professional woman in business. Residing in Hollywood, California as a Producer of movie and television films, Adhrucia Apana knows who to call and where to be to get the job done. We were impressed with not only her pedigree in the film industry, but her business acumen overall as a diversified entrepreneur & investor.

When we signed her as our client, we needed to establish structure for her lines of business, advise heron how to treat each of her ventures guided by the principles we instill in our clients in both accounting and finance management, and take time to put a tax plan and strategy together that would help her at her stage of entrepreneurship.

Adhrucia Apana hired us to cover the following areas:

  • Tax Planning & Strategy
  • Personal Bookkeeping
  • New Entity Formation
  • Finance Management 


We invest quite a bit of time into educating our clients as consultants, so that they learn how to make decisions without having to call us at every crossroad. It is not that we don’t appreciate to hear from our clients, but we believe as they invest in us, we want everyone to be confident in the decisions they make to impact their business and financial futures. “Let me call my accountant”before making a decision is great, but “My accountant would say __________” is even better.

We were there for Ms. Apana at every monumental step of her progress towards creating a business structure/tax structure suitable not only to save her in liability/exposure, but the way in which her companies function together also allow her to attract the investors and raise the capital essential to succeeding in her industry.

The Client

Adhrucia Apana is now the Principal of her own film production company, Curiosity Entertainment, LLC, and also Curiosity Digital, LLC, a management company that works with collaborative projects as new film projects and entertainment based ventures arise. She still maintains her position as an investor in e-commerce, stocks and money markets.


We saved her a little bit over 35% in her tax liability. Through our tax advisory program led by her consultant, Brian Cunningham, Ms. Adhrucia Apana was able to seize co-mingling of expenses from her personal finance holdings, separate personal finance from business finance, better differentiate income from her various verticals to know what attributed most to her overall wealth, and even obtain capital amidst the downturn of the film industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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