The Digital Journal Highlighted Our Newly Rebranded Look

The Digital Journal Highlighted Our Newly Rebranded Look


After three years of consulting for a local Miami accounting office that has been around since 1994, rising entrepreneur and business consultant, Brian Cunningham, has emerged with a newly branded accounting firm and the mission of becoming one of the most sought after consultancies in the country!

Oliver, Kenneth & Company LLC, led by Cunningham’s self named consulting company, hopes to create greater awareness of its services. In 2017, Brian Cunningham started his consulting company and grew it to over 750+ clients in just three years. This new venture, full of experience yet new perspective, has the makings of a major breakthrough success.

The firm provides full service accounting with extensive experience in forming new entities, managing compliance records and bookkeeping. It specializes in advising small businesses and their owners on financial strategies that can help them increase revenue, manage funds better, and save money on taxes. In order to offer these services more effectively, the firm has invested heavily into its platform, software and systems.

Having recruited some of the leading industry professionals and entered into partnerships with stakeholders both big and small – from celebrities to startups – Oliver, Kenneth & Company is aiming for an ambitious expansion under its new identity. Thanks to decades of collective knowledge gained from its team members as well as relevant partners, the firm stands ready to help both individuals and corporate entities with tax preparations, financial reporting and beyond.

A key contributing factor to the breakout firm was the importance of ethical considerations; time working in other firms exposed a major void for what was needed from accountants and the business consulting industry.

Oliver, Kenneth & Company have achieved this by further investing in cutting-edge technologies, designed specifically for business operations, but also taking into account customer service issues such as improved communication channels or faster response times when replying to inquiries.

Ultimately, Oliver, Kenneth & Company wants every person and company that engages with them to feel supported during every step of the way – from start to finish – so they can focus on growing without worrying about any potential legal or financial issues they might encounter along the way.

By combining decades of expertise with modernized toolsets, this new-age firm stands poised not only to become one of the top businesses of its kind but also redefine what success means within this specific sector going forward.

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